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Concrete Paving, Repair & Maintenance Services

Changes in seasons from wet to dry cause swelling of soils and can occur during wet weather, while a large shrinkage factor can occur during dry or drought periods. When drying out of soils occurs the soil cracks open and the weight of the structure crushes the soil causing settlement of the structure. This settling can be noticed by the slope of floors, twisting of door frames and/or sticking of doors - also cracks in sheet rock and brick start to appear. Image Pros Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance, Inc. can help when these things start happening to your property.

We lift concrete slabs without the means of mechanical jacks that require cutting holes through the slab which diminishes the integrity of the slab. Our method for raising slabs (commonly referred to as 'mudjacking' or 'mud jacking') keeps the slab firmly against the ground at all times. All of our lifting processes are performed from the outside of the structure with no large holes cut through the slab and no mechanical jacks.

When investing in any building project, you want the finishing touches with sidewalks, outdoor living areas, driveways, and parking lots to be done right. The staff of Image Pros Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance, Inc. provides professional, reputable service that will insure interior or exterior concrete work is completed to your specifications. We are committed to leaving a mark on every concrete job, often at the same price as asphalt!

Whether you need to pave a large parking lot or design a decorative patio, Image Pros Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance, Inc. has the experience and expertise to fill your private, commercial, or municipal concrete requirements. Our talented designers and on-site technicians listen to what you want and make it happen. We also possess experience in drainage control.

For an evaluation of your foundation and slab lifting needs or to discuss your concrete paving requirements, contact Image Pros Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance, Inc.


  • Sidewalks, Steps, Patios
  • Concrete Mudjacking / Lifting
  • Driveways, Garage Floors
  • Pads, Curbs, Wheelstops
  • Porches, Sidewalks, Ramps
  • Slabs, Docks, Seawalls
  • Apartments, Condos, Plazas
  • Complete Site Prep




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