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Asphalt Patching & Infra-Red Asphalt Repair Services

Image Pros Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance, Inc. knows that the best way to protect the investment in your asphalt pavement is to be diligent about "preventative" maintenance such as crack filling and seal coating. But once asphalt decay has advanced past the stage where these are an appropriate remedy, it is necessary to use a "reactionary" remedy. Asphalt patching is necessary for areas that are heavily cracked (or "alligatored"), sunken, exposed (potholes) or raised by roots or water damage.

There are different ways in which to repair decayed asphalt surfaces - and at Image Pros Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance, Inc., we determine the best approach after a complete diagnosis of your specific situation. However, there are many reasons why Infrared Asphalt Repair is better than conventional patching methods.

A superior patch - Heating the surrounding asphalt around the repair create a naturally sealed bond.  There’s no need for sealing agents.  This bond also makes a flush transition which will not erode, or fade when subjected to traffic.

Highest return on Investment - Thermal Bonding process reduces dependency on lots of man power and materials.  Typical methods of repair require several pieces of trucks and machinery to remove and dispose of asphalt, then bring in new asphalt.  Our process eliminates many of the unnecessary steps clients would normally have to pay for.  The result is a superior repair for less cost.

A green approach - Consumers can feel good about taking advantage of this process because it recycles the asphalt.  We are actually using your old asphalt.  There is very little waste compared to other methods of pavement repair.

Most convenient - Our system works much faster than traditional repair options.  We can repair a 100 square foot area in less than 45 minutes.  This will save you money because you don’t have to pay for unnecessary labor.  Our system enables us to serve you at anytime.  If you run a busy commercial parking lot and would rather not disturb your patrons, simply have us perform the repair at night or after hours.


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